Valid for the winter semester (1 September to 31 January), or for the summer semester (1 February to 30 June) on all public transport in Vienna.

Conditional upon having current principal residence status in Vienna at the time of ticket purchase, valid enrolment at an educational facility sponsored pursuant to Section 3, and, if applicable, a valid Wiener Linien Entitlement Card (e.g. for universities of applied sciences). The purchase can be made up until the semester in which the user turns 26 years of age.

Change of Student ID Numbers, according to study evidence regulation 2004

Due to new regulations a change from 7 to 8-digit matriculation numbers takes place. Although already issued student ID cards don’t have to be replaced. If you still have a student ID card which contains a 7-digit matriculation number, you have to enter a 0 (Zero) on the first position!

Matriculation Number according to student ID card: 0825884
Entry to Matriculation Number Field: 00825884

Following connected study facilities are concerned by this adjustment: