Statement on Accessibility

WIENER LINIEN GmbH & Co KG is committed to making its websites accessible in accordance with the Vienna Anti-Discrimination Law, Official Gazette, LGBl. 35/2004 idgF, as amended, for the implementation of Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 October 2016 on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies (Official Gazette L 327 of 2.12.2016, page 1).

This Statement on Accessibility applies to the website

Status of conformance to the requirements

Due to the incompatibilities and/or exceptions listed below, this website is partially conformant to accessibility standard AA of the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – WCAG 2.1“ in accordance with the applicable harmonized European Standard EN 301 549 V2.1.2 (2018-08)  

Content with accessibility barriers

The website of WIENER LINIEN GmbH & Co KG contains legacy applications some of which are not or not yet fully accessible. However, WIENER LINIEN GmbH & Co KG is committed to offering the information in a manner that is as accessible as possible. New applications or extensions are implemented in an accessible manner. Older applications will be revised.

Non-compliance with the Web Accessibility Law (Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz (WZG) for the implementation of Directive (EU) 2016/2102

The contents listed in the following are not accessible for the reasons indicated:

    1. Certain ARIA roles have incorrect parent elements (
    2. The contrast of some elements is too low (
    3. The value of the id attribute must be unique. (
    4. Some links do not have a discernible name (
    5. Some lists do not include li and script supporting elements (script and template). (
    6. Some form input fields are missing an associated label (
    7. Some input fields fail to explicitly identify the purpose.

Publication of this Statement on Accessibility

      • Publication Date:This statement was published on 21 September 2020.

      • Basis for the Statement: Manual and automatic accessibility evaluation of samples of the website (September 2020)
This statement was last verified on 21.09.2020.

Feedback and contact details

Should you encounter any accessibility barriers on please report these to help improve the web service of WIENER LINIEN GmbH & Co KG. Please feel free to contact:

Company Accessibility Officer
Hans-Jürgen Groß
Thomas-Klestil-Platz 13
1030 Wien
Tel: +43 (664) 88480236

Responsible for this website:
Erdbergstraße 202
1030 Wien

Enforcement procedure

Should you feel that you do not receive satisfactory answers from the contact indicated above, please feel free to submit a complaint to the body for combating discrimination. Please use the contact form to submit your complaint to the body for combating discrimination electronically.

Form for contacting the body for combating discrimination

These complaints will be reviewed by the body for combating discrimination in respect of whether these relate to any violations of the requirements stipulated in the Vienna Anti-Discrimination Law, in particular any shortcomings in the compliance with accessibility requirements specified by the State or the City of Vienna or an institution that falls under the State or the City of Vienna.

In the event of justified complaints, the body for combating discrimination will pronounce recommended action for the corresponding office of the City of Vienna or respectively the legal entities concerned and will

More information on the complaint procedure

If you are affected by a suspected discrimination with regard to a lack of accessibility yourself, the body for combating discrimination will support you with information and advice on the available legal options.